Eric (chadkiedis9) wrote,

The Red Hot Chili Peppers Concert was Amazing!!!!!

This is what happended on Tuesday, the greatest day of my life. Me and Max got on a bus to New York, met his friend Anika who was pretty cool, at Barnes and Noble. They talked about sex cause she has this teen workshop where she has to teach kids about sex and Max is in this Teen Pep class where he does the same thing, so he gave her some advice and gave her some lesson plans. After that we all ate dinner at this place called Dojos. It was the cheapest dinner I've ever had. It only cost me $5 bucks, and it was only like $11 all together. After that we met Todd at Tourneau. These people kept on asking us for Red Hot Chili Pepper tickets like we were scalpers or something, it was pretty funny. After we met Todd and got the tickets, we went to Penn Station to buy train tickets for the way home. Then we went to the concert, I got a t-shirt, the one from the last concert I went to had bullet holes and was really small since I went in 8th grade, so I really needed a new one. Then we went to our seats. They were really good, they were in the lower section in the middle of the stadium. Max said they were like 50 ft away from the stage. The opening act was the Mars Voleta. They were really bad except for the drummer. I could feel his beats tap my heart literally, it kinda hear. The rest of the band was horrible especially the guitarist and the singer. The second act was The Queens of The Stone Age, they were pretty good. "The Lost Art of Keeping A Secret" was incrediable. They played for like an hour from like 8:15 to 9:15. Anthony Kiedis did some covers of their songs with them, it was pretty cool. I didn't think he was all that great tho. The Red Hot Chili Peppers didn't come on till like 9:45. The first song they did was "By The Way" that was the only song that they did bad, and that was the only complaint of mine about the concert except for the guy who smoked 3 buds in front of us. I think I got a little high from the fumes lol. The security guy even had to warn him about it. The concert was abosoloutley amazing, they were so good that they had all of Madison Square Garden, a sold out crowd, standing during the entire show, a total of 2 hours. Me and Max were singing every line of every song, it was so great. Every song they did with the exception of "By The Way" was absoloutley amazing. During "Californication" John Frusciante played the nicest guitar solo. I found myself closing my eyes during the instrumental parts to fully feel and embrace the music. During "Give It Away" this guy got on stage and started dancing, it was pretty funny. The security guards had to drag him off stage and during all of this the band was still playing. Flea checked to see if the security guards had gotten him off stage and Anthony Kiedis was asking him if they got him all while they were still playing the song. The security guards of couse got him and they continued to play the song. We were going to take the 10:32 train home but we realized that if we did we would miss most of their act and it wouldn't of made sense to see more of Queens of the Stone Age then them, we came to see them. So we decided to take the 11:40 train. They played every song and mixed it up pretty well. They didn't just play "By The Way" which I was afraid of, they played alot of "Californication" and "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" as well. We left after they played "Under The Bridge", which was awesome. Their last song was "Me and My Friends", we didn't get to hear it cause we had to catch the train. I was really deaf in my ears and Max had no voice left and was deaf in his ears also. We were the last ones on the train. After we got off the train Max took me home. His house is right next to the train, we literally got off the train and his car was there. So I got home at 12:30 and that ended the best day of my life.
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