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chadkiedis9's Journal

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27 April
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Hi my name is Eric. My favorite band is The Red Hot Chili Peppers. I like to hang out with friends, listen to music, and play videogames. I'm on the golf team. My favorite baseball team is the Mariners. My favorite basketball team is the Lakers.
List of Jokes:
The Blair Witch Is Coming!
Do The Bronco!
Common, Common, Common!
OO Ska, OO Skia, OO Scambia, DA DA Dicka!
Lola Mad! Become She Hulk Tha! Tha! Tha! She Hulk Mad Become I Don�t Know
What Become!, But Kill
Get Mad! Fist Of Anger!
Shutup You Sex!
Scooba Steve!
I�m A Scatman Sci Ba Ba Bada Bote Baba Badabote Sci Ba Ba Bada Bote I'm An Eric
Ur Talkin Drunk!
Get Em� Guys!
Sorry Guys!
This Town Ain�t Big Enough For The Both Of Us Sucker!
Lola, Laquita, Batina, Balota, Tido
Zoner Alert!
O God O Man!
Shake It Around!
Supertime Angus!
Sometimes I Fart And People Make Fun Of Me But I Love To Do It!, It Helps Me In A
Way That Is Indescribable!
Stop It! Stop Hearting Me!
I See The Rainbow!
Sike Na!
I'm Mary Poppins scim scidi scim scim scim scim scim scaroo I'm Mary Poppins scim
scidi scim scim scim scim scim scaroo.
Rollin With The Homies!
Steamboat Willy!
What do u think u are all that with ur vans shoes and yankees hat?

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