Eric (chadkiedis9) wrote,

Where I'm At

I've come to the point in my life where I want to start fresh, again. For a huge chunk of my life I have always felt like if I was somewhere else my life would be more interesting, fun, and happy. I have battled with this for a long time. It is a battle between wanting something that you don't have and appreciating what you do have. No one else but you makes your life. I always felt like your environment can have a huge impact on your life. Living and growing up in New Jersey, I was fortunate to meet and befriend some great people. I didn't know how good I had it until it was gone. That was the only way that I could see what I had in New Jersey. I have now been in Rohnert Park/Santa Rosa for more than 4 years. During those 4 years not a day has gone by that I have seen myself living somewhere else. I have flirted with transfering to USF or UMD. San Francisco is a city that I have been wanting to live in for some time now. I have talked about moving there but I have never followed through with it. It's expensive and two things are required in order to live there. 1) A decent paying job, and 2) one or more roommates. It isn't a huge market for sports which is what I want to obtain a career in. I need to continue to try to find a job there. I feel I am ready to start a new life. I'm ready for a new experience. My imagination runs wild when I think of living in the city. Whether its SF, LA, NY it would be such a unique and exciting adventure to live there. SF in particular, there would always be something to do. Music, restaurants, clubs, bars, anything that I wanted would be at my finger tips 24 hours a day. Whenever I'm in SF, I feel like I'm at home. The air is full of excitement, hope, it's a place I feel where your dreams can come true. There is so much out there in the world that I need to experience. Life is knocking at the door, and I have to answer it. The feeling is deep inside of me, I need to feed it so that I can feel content with myself. You can do anything that you part your heart in to, I just have to set my goal and pursue it hard. I'm tired of talking about it, I need to live it, now.
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