Eric (chadkiedis9) wrote,

McDonalds or Applegate? that is the question

I had training at McDonalds yesterday. The positives are my managers relatively nice, my hours are pretty good I have to work from 3:00 to 9:00 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The pay is ok it's like $90 a week I guess thats a positive and a negative. The negatives are the employees don't seem that nice. I dont know where everything is on the register and I'm really slow. The manager had to give everyone a larger fry cause I made them wait so long. I could work at Applegate I'm basically hired, I just have to give this guy my social security card and then he said he would schedule me for training. I'm not really sure which job is easier as of yet. The bad part about Applegate is that he said the nights on Weekends are the busiest so I'd probably have to work then. So the McDonalds hours are probably better. Also he said that the most I can work is 5 hours a day and I work 6 hours at McDonalds so I'd get paid more at McDonalds but if I worked at Applegate I wouldn't have to work as long. I know nobody reads this but if you do can you answer this question for me and post it up. Would you rather work at McDonalds or Applegate?
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