Eric (chadkiedis9) wrote,

Bar Mitsvah and Arizona

Arizona was pretty good. We stayed in this hotel that was right next to a water park which was really convienient. I still have my wristband. It was a small waterpark it had 3 slides, one of those tidal wave pools, and one of those rivers where u can relax on your tube. I mainly just went on the waterslides, and those things are kinda dangerous. If you don't cross your legs and arms your going to get heart and when you get to the bottom you get a major wedge to go along with ass soreness. Alex's bar mitsvah was pretty good. I had to give everyone programs and prayer books so I missed part of the ceromony. I had to do the blessing for wine which was incrediably easy, originally I was going to put the torah away. If I had to do that I guarantee you I would of dropped it and had to fast for the rest of my life. After the bar mitsvah we went to the dinner which was at this Italian restaurant. It was pretty good food, and it was so great getting attention from the waiters. I didn't get the kind of attention that Alex did but I still got some since I am his brother and all. I think I had like 3 cherry cokes, and there pizza was mad good. Alex did his candle lighting really bad. He made fun of everyone that he asked to come up and light the candle. Me especially, he said something like you give me horrible advice, you beat me in basketball and got height like Yao Ming. And it wasn't just me that he did it bad for, it was basically everyone. Alex took too much medication so we had to go the hospital on Monday night. It was pretty funny, there were so many Mexican people watching tv in the waiting room. I was like hey chica get in my honda, hey holmes, hey papi. Then my brother was like I think they come here just to watch tv lol. We missed our flight on Monday because Alex had to go to the hospital so we took the one on Tuesday instead. It was like 113 degrees when we left. There's no humidity compared to here, it was still really hot though. We didn't get home till 2:00 am so me and Alex didn't go to school on Wednesday.
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