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Oh man it was so awesome. We stayed at the Disney Beach Club Resort and my mom got us a sweet. It had Toon Disney so I got to see shows from back in the day like Talespin, Goof Troop, Aladdin, Ducktales, and Darkwing Duck. The weather was mad nice too, not to cold yet not to hot. It was in the mid to high 70's. On Sunday we went to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. First we went on Spiderman, it was mad cool. You put on these 3d glasses and the bad guys are all up in your face. I was like "A yo get out of my face yo" So Spiderman got them out. Then we went on Jurassic Park, at first the dinasours are all harmless but then you see JPac. The Tyranasouras Rex takes over and you go down this big drop and you get all wet, it's mad cool. Then we went on Dudley Do Right, it was one of the longer rides and it was a water ride too. After that we went on this unicorn ride it wasn't all that great, it was a rollercoaster by the way. On Monday we went to Disney World. We wanted to go to all the parks but it was too expensive so we narrowed it down to MGM. First we went on Tower of Terror, which probably wasn't a good idea because we just ate. It goes 13 stories up and down mad fast, and I must admit there was a brief moment when I thought I was going to throw up. After the ride I got a picture of us of when we were on it. It was so great, it was like it was planned out or something. Me and David are looking at each other and were to the left and right of Alex, and Alex has this goofy scared look on his face. After that we went on Aerosmith's Rock n'Roller coaster. It goes from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds flat. It must have been one of the scariest rollercoasters I've ever been on. After the ride Alex got a picture of when we were on the ride. My glasses fell from my nose and I was trying to place them back but I couldn't so in the picture u see me tryin to put them back on and David and Alex are closing there eyes, and David looks like a fat sumo wrestler. After that we went on Star Tours which sucked, then Muppet Vision which sucked too. Then we went to Who Wants To Be A Millionare Play It! it's like the exact replica of the t.v. show. Your in the audience and you get to have a chance in the hotseat if you get enough questions right. The host was this Chinese lady that I found kinda mean. Whenever the guy on the hot seat would make a joke she would disagree with him. I mean that would suck so much if your the person on the hot seat, you have the guts to make a joke, and she doesn't even agree with you, that must be mad scary. After that we went on Honey I Shrunk The Kids, it was just this playground, and it really sucked. On the plane ride home it was mad turbulent. It was like 30 mph winds and stuff. I was like "this is scarier then some of the rides." I thought it was a mix between Tower of Terror because of the drops and Star Tours because of the left and rights.
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